Four of the best Xbox one headset options for you


Great to have options open to you, isn’t it? This is what this short informational article is about. It’s all about having those options. It’s also about narrowing down those choices and putting you in a powerful position to make the best decisions possible. This will be the case for those of you who just happen to be Xbox gaming aficionados. Because nothing but the best will do for you right now. Right? Right, we thought so.

This gaming note on making cool choices is also for those rivals who just happen to prefer PS4. It’s a free country and you, as a consumer, have rights. So here goes then. Here are just four of the best Xbox one headset choices open to you right now. First up is the ASTRO Gaming A40 Headset and Mix Amp M80. Ah yes, that’s quite a mouthful. Wait until you get the earful. This is for the guys who love detail, detail, and still more detail.

best Xbox one headset

Then there’s the Steel Series Siberia X800. Don’t worry, it’s not made in Siberia, nor is anyone being sent to Siberia. You also have the famous Turtle Beach XO Seven Pro. It sounds like a terminal golf course, but it’s not extinct. It’s famous because apparently a majority of gamers have fallen for this headset. So, if you’re still in the minority, you better have good reasons for staying out in the cold. Definitely not to be outdone by any of the above is the Polka Striker ZC.

While it’s been specifically designed for Xbox use, it’s also compatible with PS4 and Wii U. That’s enough info for one night. Time for you to do a little R & D of your own.