Which Star Signs Are Leo Men Compatible With

Aries woman Leo man matches are made in heaven, but what about the other signs?

Leo men and Leo women are a match that can last a lifetime. They’ll be the perfect match for each other with ambition and passion, but their similarities could ultimately be their downfall as well. Both Leos will be possessive and jealous, making it difficult for the couple to be in a group setting without one of them getting angry over some slight. They’ll also struggle for dominance in the relationship. When a Leo doesn’t feel like he is in charge, he is not happy. The same will go for a Leo woman, so this pair can be quite difficult. This match is great for a whirlwind romance, but will develop problems the longer it lasts.

Virgo women and Leo men will find it difficult to have a romantic relationship. The Leo man’s flamboyant and passionate nature will leave the down to earth and practical Virgo cold. Since Leo’s thrive off attention and love, the aloof nature of the Virgo will make him extremely unhappy and the relationship will deteriorate quickly. This match is best when they remain friends, since the Virgo can bring the Leo down to earth and the Leo can push the Virgo to be more adventurous. Any more than friendship though, and cracks start appearing.

Aries woman Leo man

Step aside Aries woman Leo man matches, because Sagittarius woman Leo man matches are giving you a run for your money. This pairing both enjoys adventure and their personalities both in and out of the bedroom perfectly complement each other. This relationship is one that will last for years to come. Can you hear the wedding bells ringing?